How To Fill Out Special Waste Application

How to Fill Out Our Special Waste Application

Section A: Disposal Site Requested

In this section you will choose 1 or all depending on where the site is ocated. We have 4 available:

  • Aspen Waste Management Facility located in Drayton Valley
  • Roseridge Waste Management Services Commission located in Morinville
  • Leduc & District Regional Waste Management Facility located in Leduc
  • Camrose Regional Sanitary Landfill located in Camrose.

Section B: Attachments

  • Please attached at minimum MSDS or analytical testing.
  • Analytical must not be over a year old.
  • Site map, is not necessary but can be attached if one has been completed.
  • Authorization letter are for renewal of previous approval and are provided only in the case that the waste has not changed.

Section C: Applicant Information

  • Applicant - person apply for the soil to be disposed of.
  • In Section C, all contact information.
  • Example, name of consulting company, Contact person with all their information including address, phone & fax number and e-mail address.
  • This person is the who we should contact for more information if needed.

Section D: Waste Generator/Owner

  • Waste Generator/Owner Information - the company who the work is being done for. Who the waste actually belongs you.
  • In Section D, all contact information.
    • Example, name of consulting company, Contact person with all their information including address, phone & fax number and e-mail address.
  • All contact information should be filled in for tracking purpose on both MCL and Generator ends.

Section E: Billing Information

  • Section E: Billing information is who the fee’s (Application and Disposal) are going to be billed to.
  • If the Applicant is paying for all the fee’s associated with the job, please check off applicant in both boxes
  • If the Generator is paying for all the fee’s, please check off Generator in both boxes
  • If there is a 3rd party being billed, fill out all the information.
  • Any combination can be used, example Applicant pays for Processing fee and Generator pays for disposal fees or vice versa.
  • This is also the area that if a PO is required, enter it at the bottom.

Section F: Shipping Information

  • In section F is where the volume of material (quantity - tonnes), how it coming to the landfill (bulk, bag, etc), and frequency of the material (one time, annual, etc).
  • Also, if known at the time of submitted application the name of the hauler and the type of truck.
  • When and how many trucks and loads per day (Date and # trucks and number of loads per day)

Section G: Project Details

  • Section G Project Details, the physical address or LSD of where the material is coming from and the City/County in which it is in
  • Reason for Project and Project Methodology, why the project is being completed and how. Example, Service Station Reclamation being done by excavation

Section H: Waste Type

  • Section H. Waste Type, what type of waste is the material. Soil, asbestos (accepted at a few of the landfills), ash, sandblasting sand, etc.
  • Other, if none of the above matches. Example, MSDS for product the is expired or contaminated.

Section I: Waste Classification

  • Section I. Waste Classification, because the landfills are able to accept oilfield generated, this section is for the ERCB regulated site.
  • If the material is not coming from an oilfield site or upstream generated, please check no to all the questions.

Section J, K & L:Physical/ Chemical, Chemical Constituents and Declaration

  • Section J & K are the chemical properties of the material. If analytical or MSDS has been provided please put See Attached.
  • Section L needs to be signed by a designated professional (P.Eng., P. Geo.l, P. Geoph., P. Ag., or P. Biol.)

Special Waste Chemical Analysis Chart

  • A few words, tips and pointers prior to the step by step guide for the chemical analysis chart.
  • To meet daily cover criteria, the following tests will need to be completed:
    • CCME Total Hydrocarbons (F1 - BTEX, F1 - F4)
    • BTEX (total, mg/kg)
    • Chlorides (total, mg/kg)
    • Lead (total, mg/kg)
    • Class II Landfill (includes: pH, TCLP Metals, TCLP BTEX, and flash point)
  • All our daily cover limits are listed in the following slides under the Landfill policy.

Chemical Analysis Chart Continued

  • CCME Total Hydrocarbons: Aspen Waste Management (Drayton Valley), Roseridge Waste Management (Morinville), and Leduc Regional & District can accept up to 20,000 mg/kg total hydrocarbon material for daily cover. Camrose Regional Landfill can accept up to 10,000 mg/kg
  • Total hydrocarbons accepted at the landfills as waste is ~30,000 mg/kg. Please note, Roseridge and Camrose will not accept waste material from outside the county boundaries.

Chemical Analysis Chart Continued

  • For section BTEX and Other, please note the units. These are reported in total (mg/kg). This is to help determine if it meets daily cover criteria.

Chemical Analysis Chart Continued

  • The basic, and TCLP Metals, and TCLP BTEX are all part of the Class II landfill package. Because the landfills MCL operators are Class II landfills this test is require to ensure the material is not hazardous waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we haul on Saturdays?
    • Usually Saturday hauls are not allowed due to our large demand for residential material.  However, in certain circumstances, arrangements can be made at some of our landfills. 
  • What are the costs?
    • There is an application fee of $125 + gst and the cost of disposal is anywhere from $16 - 24/tonne depending on the landfill and contamination. Please refer to the landfill tipping schedule for actually amounts or contact us for further pricing inquires.
  • Do we require testing to completed?
    • Yes, as per policies and Alberta Environment testing needs to be done to ensure the material is non - hazardous.
  • How long does it take to have get an approval?
    • Providing all the information is give and there are no concerns, can take 1 - 5 business days. However, depending on the location of the material approvals can take 24-48 hours. Please contact directly for additional information regarding approval times.


  • For more information, please contact:
    • Special Waste Representative at 780-352-2625
    • Wetaskiwin Direct Phone: 780-352-2625
    • Edmonton direct Phone: 780-420-1507
    • Aspen Client Services Phone: 780-542-5919
    • E-mail: