Waste Facility Management

Waste is a Resource!

Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Services

Since 1980, MCL has evolved into an industry leader in solid waste management services for municipally-owned waste management facilities. To MCL, waste is a resource, and we specialize in the efficient and cost effective recovery of this resource by directing, diverting and managing material brought into our operated facilities. Our goal is to help you develop beneficial re-use programs and services to reduce your dependence on landfill air space and maximize waste diversion and recycling options. In conjunction with industry partners, we have diverted thousands of tonnes of material from landfills.

Our Client Services team was created to assist municipalities with the development of business and operational strategies to maximize assets to the betterment of the landfill permit holder and their respective ratepayers and stakeholders.  This includes recycling programs, airspace maximization, and cell development.  Our ‘special waste’ program incorporates design, implementation and execution of an industrial waste and soils to meet  the needs of area oil and gas generators, while garnering extra revenues for the Authority and its members. These revenues are used to stabilize tipping fees, conserve asset resources, provide funding for closure activities or stabilize diversion programming.

Our services include:

  • Waste tracking and classification
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Public drop off
  • Transfer station management
  • Material segregation and diversion
  • Asset management

Expertise in Waste Diversion and Material Handling

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, MCL staff have developed a high level of expertise in facility waste management and possess a wide range of industry specific skill sets. These include landfill operators, project managers and heavy equipment operators certified through the Solid Waste Association of North America.  Our technical and field staff includes mechanics, waste / recycle transfer drivers, scale operators, public drop off attendants, safety specialists, sales and marketing and administrative staff. We also have a dedicated finance and accounting team directed by chartered accountants.